Kazekiel "Zeke" Leor

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Kazekiel "Zeke" Leor

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Name: Kazekiel "Zeke" Leor
Pronounced: kah-ZEEK-e-uhl LEE-oor
Age: 1 year - DOB May 11 2017
Gender: Male

Fur: Charcoal
Eyes: Light Green
Appearance: Kazekiel is larger than the average adult male wolf with light green eyes. His fur is almost entirely a solid charcoal, though it lightens a bit near his black nose and the tips of his paws.

Personality: Kazekiel is the strong, quiet type that does not say very much, but he's working on it. His most intrinsic instinct is fierce protectiveness, to which he knows no bounds and will stop at nothing to keep those close to him safe. He is soft hearted and will offer his protection to those that may need it. He's also fairly serious, due to his strict upbringing.

Special Notes: None at this time.

Parents: Raziel (Mother) Kijani (Father)
Siblings: Temperance (Sister & littermate)
Other Relationships: None


01.26.2019 - Exiled from SunValley.
03.09.2019 - NightHunters pack official and Kazekiel made Battalion.


Kazekiel was born with a single younger sister, Temperance, in their alpha parents' first litter. Their mother and father were very strict and traditional in the upbringing of their pups. There was very little love or affection shown by them as they were more caught up with their duties as alphas than parenting. Still, they groomed the brother and sister endlessly in the ways of pack politics. Seemingly endless were the many lessons, scouting trips, and high expectations. Kazekiel enjoyed all of the lessons immensely. He disliked their parents lack of affection combined with their high expectations; it just didn't seem right somehow. Their birth pack, SunValley, was initially small, with only a few adults, a couple elders, and only one other litter of pups. Kazekiel and his sister were as thick as thieves with their best friends Elodie and Arsene. The group were a mischievous bunch, not only in their puppy-days but well into adulthood; they experienced pretty much everything together.

Their lives were mostly uneventful until the winter before their second birthday. The pack was thriving, growing steadily as newcomers began to join and eventually were pushing at the seams of their territory. In an effort to expand into further land their parents made a deal with the neighboring pack, SweetWinds, that Temperance would be betrothed to the heir of their pack and in return they would share the fertile hunting grounds. Hardly one to be told what to do, Temperance refused.

Temperance's refusal would be the end of the life the four friends knew. Temperance and their mother snarled and growled at one another over the issue and their father struck her and knocked her off her feet. Kazekiel became furious and jumped immediately to defend his sister. He was able to knock their father off his paws in return. When the alpha attempted to turn on his son, he was met with both Kazekiel and Arsene. Elodie helped Ren to her paws before Raziel could step in. The four stood together in opposition of the alphas. Enraged by this turn of events, Kijani banished all four from the pack.

Together, the band of four left the only home they had ever known and set out to make a life of their own design. Kazekiel watched the trails behind them to make sure the four friends were not followed.

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