Temperance "Ren"

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Temperance "Ren"

Post by Temperance » Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:24 am

Name: Temperance Leor
Pronounced: Temp-er-en-ce Lee-Oor
Age: 2 years - DOB May 11 2017
Gender: Female

Fur: Sable - Dark brown fur with beige highlights throughout, including a unique caramel colored facial marking that masks her eyes and the bridge of her nose. A lighter cream color lines her chest, underbelly, limbs and tail - which is tipped in black.
Eyes: Bright Amber with flecks of gold.
Appearance: Ren is tall, with long spindly legs that she has not yet grown into but is of average weight for a female her age.

Personality: A complex young wolf- On one paw, she is strong-willed and independent, obnoxiously head strong and more than just a little prideful. She is stubborn as an Ox and while not quick to temper- hers is a force to be reckoned with. This is not to say that Ren is not a good wolf though. She looks all the part of a lady but she is fearless and will not hesitate to stand up for herself. She is fiercely loyal and protective of those she loves. Tenacious and determined- once she sinks her teeth into something she will not let go. She is mature for her age but no where near beyond pup-like antics.

Special Notes:
Pinecones are the way to this girls heart <3

Parents: Raziel (Mother) Kijani (Father)
Siblings: Kazekeil (Brother)
Other Relationships: None


01.26.2019 - Is exiled from SunValley
03.09.2019 - Is appointed Alpha and co-founder of NightHunters.

Temperance was born into a very traditional pack called SunValley. Her mother and father were good leaders but they were painfully strict and not exactly the warm/fuzzy loving parents one might wish for. Discipline was dealt harsh and swiftly to all in the pack and being the alphas pup did not exclude her from her parents authority. She and her older brother Kazekeil took the brunt of most of the alpha's wrath, as much was expected of them. There was very little love or affection shown by them as they were more caught up with their duties as alphas than parenting.

Hers was not an easy life growing up, but she was always fed and, at least when in the company of her brother and fellow pack pups, happy. She and her brother found comfort in the company of the packs other pups - Elodie and Arsene. The four were rarely caught apart and sought out all sorts of mischief both in puppy and adulthood. They took comfort in each others presence and vowed that one day they would leave SunValley and create a pack all their own and that no grown ups were allowed to join!

Their lives were mostly uneventful until the winter before her second birthday. The pack was thriving, growing steadily as newcomers joined the ranks and were pushing at the seems of their territory. In an effort to expand into further land her parents made a deal with a neighboring pack Sweetwinds. The deal stating that Temperance would be betrothed to the heir of their Pack, Alizium; and in return they would share the fertile hunting grounds. Hardly one to be told what to do, Temperance refused.

Her refusal would be the end of the life she knew. The strong willed wolfess would not comply with her parents wishes. She and her mother argued to the point of bared teeth and growls and when Ren said she would rather leave SunValley than be sold off to SweetWinds Her father became enraged. He tackled her off her feet and went at her a second time. Her brother Kazekiel, in defense of his sister, jumped in and dismounted their father. When the alpha attempted to turn on his son, he was met with both Kazekiel and Arsene. Elodie helped Ren to her paws before her Mother could step in. The four stood in opposition of the alphas. Furious beyond measure, Ren's father banished her and the others from the pack.

Together, the band of four left the pack lands and set out to make a life of their own design.
~ T E M P E R A N C E ~
NightHunter Alpha Female

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